Victoria Rostovtseva

The evolution of human cooperation

I am currently running an empirical project on human cooperation under supervision of Franjo Weissing. The project is based on our experiment, which we conducted in Groningen in 2017.
During my research experience I have designed and conducted several experimental studies on human cooperation (Moscow, 2016; Groningen, 2017; Siberia, 2017, 2019; Tula, 2020, 2021), and I’m still on the way to obtaining my PhD: in Moscow (on human facial sexual dimorphism: Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, supervisor prof. Marina Butovskaya), and in Groningen (on human cooperation: University of Groningen, supervisor prof. Franz J. Weissing).
My main research interests are human evolution, cooperation, communication, cross-cultural studies, behavioural endocrinology, behavioural genetics, human morphology, human physiology, biological and cultural evolution.

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  • …and numerous publications in Russian… 🙂