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On the 7th and 8th June the annual meeting of the Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology (NVTB) took place in Schoorl, NL. The meeting was co-organized by two members of the MARM group that are part of the NVTB board – Magdalena Kozielska and Timo van Eldijk.

Franjo Weissing gave one of the keynote lectures: Evolution of sex roles – Individual-based simulations versus analytical predictions and a number of MARMots presented their work:

Jana Riederer Capturing the facets of evolvability in a mechanistic framework

Jia Zheng: Effects of season length and uniparental care efficiency on the evolution of parental care

Inès Daras: Plasmid dynamics in the context of resource competition

Stefano Tiso: Finding a mutational switch – A simple model for the evolution of a bias towards adaptive mutations