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During the International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress in Stockholm, Sweden (28th July – 2nd August, 2022) several MARMots presented their work in talks or as a poster:

Franjo Weissing and Xiaoyan Long: Joint evolution of parental effort and the primary sex ratio
Pratik Gupte: Novel pathogen introduction rapidly alters the evolution of movement, restructuring animal societies
Apu Ramesh: Human-induced isolation causes rapid behavioral divergence with genetic underpinning in resident and migrant stickleback
Victoria Rostovtseva: Understanding cooperativeness in humans (presentation url:

Mirjam Borger: Putting life history theory to the test: The estimation of reproductive value from field data

Jia Zeng: Egg burial protects eggs from rolling out the wind-swayed nest in Chinese penduline tits