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The 2022 Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) took place in Prague, Czech Republic, on the 14-19th of August. A number of current and former MARM group members presented their work:

Jana Riederer: The role of sexual selection in shaping adaptive radiations
Christoph Netz: Hamilton’s force of selection during ontogenesis
Stefany Moreno Gamez: From patterns to processes: Towards a mechanistic understanding of the human microbiome (John Maynard Smith Prize winner talk)
Daniel Elsner: Transposable elements mark tissue specific aging in termite workers

Xiaoyan Long: The evolution of sex roles: New insights from individual-based simulations
Sergio Gonzalez: Learning to cope: The effect of population bottlenecks in the maintenance
of complex adaptations

Mirjam Borger: Putting life history theory to the test: The estimation of reproductive value from field data

Magdalena Kozielska: Modelling the evolution of learning